Range: 0.50 H.P. to 3 H.P. (0.37kw. to 2.2 kW.) Single & Three phase
Voltage :
Shaft grinders are design for 215 volts +- 5% 50 Hz. +- 3% for single phases
Shaft grinders are design for 415 volts +- 5% 50 Hz. +- 3% for three phases
Body: Body is of high-grade cast iron and bolls are designed to assure ample clearance for grinding odd shaped items end long stock.
Bearings: Deep grooved with sufficient lubricant, double sealed to prevent entry of any kind dust or other partial matter inside the bearings.
Insulation: "B" insulation provided. Ratings: Shaft grinder machine proved with continuous (S1) rated to comply with performance standards.  Switches:
Rotary switches are provided for easy & lifelong operation.