Range: 0.12 H.P. to 3 H.P. (0.09kw. to 2.2kw.) 63 Frame to 112M frame in 2, 4 & 6 pole.
Voltage: Motor are design for 215 volts +- 5% 50 Hz. +- 3% Supply (on customer request we are also ablesupply motor in 110 volts on 60 Hz Also)
Mounting: -Foot - Flange -Face
Insulation: Motor are provided with class "B" insulation. Class "F" can supply on request of customer.
Ratings: All Standard single phase Motors are continuous (S1) rated to comply with performance standards.
Design: Capacitor start induction run motors with high starting torques suitable for use in machine tools, small compressors, booster pumps, atta chakkis etc. Where high lord inertia and or frequent staring or stopping is involved. Resistant start induction run motor with moderately high starting torques ideally suited for optimum performance in applications like commercial juicers, industrial sewing machine, surgical pumps ECT.