Nylon/Bakelite bobbin with 'F' class insulation coil.
10mm thickness E plate / I plate
All machines nuts are used.
M.S. Plate for liner.
15mm thickness mounting plate.
Close type Connector with Nylock Nut.
16.5mm thickness liner.
C.R.N.G.O. stamping.
Heavy Duty Brake

A.C. DISK BRAKES : (FAIL SAFE) Very compact and modern in design. Foundation is not necessary as they are directly mounted on non-driving end shaft of the motor. It consists of liner plates (Brake Disc) with square hole at the center. One corresponding piece of square hub is supplied with the brake. This hub is keyed to the motor shaft and the liner plate is free on this hub. Normally liner plate is gripped between two discs with the help of spring pressure. They work on 230/ 415 Volt A.C. When the current is supplied on the brake, one disc is attracted by electromagnet against pressure and the liner plate is released. Thus the brakes are "off". Once the brake is set it dose not require adjustment or maintenance. When the liner plates wear with the use then only air gap is required to be maintained periodically. An arrangement to release the brake manually could be provided on request.