Range :
Kw.: - From 0.37 to7.5 KW.
Ratio range:- We have a vide Rpm range in helical gear motor minimum Output speed: 4 to 500 rpm Mounting type: Foot-mounted, flange-mounted, horizontal or vertical installation.
Highly Standard Modular Designed.
High Strength, Compact Dimension .
Proper harden Gear provide it Long Service Life Low Noise.
High Efficiency.
Two and three stage gear Motor can support high permissible radial load.
High efficiency, can reach to 95%.

There are 3 stage gear or 2stage gear transmission. The inline helical gearboxes can be applied to many industrial areas, such as Metallurgical, mines, lifting, transportation, petrochemical, construction, textile, pharmaceutical, food, environmental, light electric, plastic machine, paper, parking equipment and so on.